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    16750 GMT-Master (MK2 matte dial / full set LC 100 / top vintage)


    Brand: Rolex
    Model: GMT-Master
    Reference: 16750
    Year: 1982
    Serial Number: 7227XXX
    Material: stainless steel
    Bracelet: stainless steel
    Diameter: 40 Millimeter
    Condition: very good
    box&papers: yes, full set

    Description: Matte 16750 in great condition in a German full set.

    The case is in great vintage condition. I would guess polished once, although I’m not 100% sure because it could also be unpolished due to the shape of the lugs. Anyhow, the case shows great proportions, beautiful vintage edges and a very good matte finish. There are signs of wear, but no damage or anything that would reduce the quality of the case.

    The matte GMT-Master dial is in top condition. This is the MK2 variant, which is also the last matte version that has been built. Afterwards indices have been built with white gold. The dial shows no signs of damage and the lume has taken on a wonderfully creamy patina.

    The set of hands is also original to the watch and dial. It is in very good condition and depending on the light, the patina of the lume is slightly darker than the patina of the dial. This is typical and does not distract from the beauty of this watch.

    The bezel is wonderfully sharp and this watch comes with two bezel inlays. One is a beautiful Pepsi inlay with strong colors but a minor damage at 6 o’clock and the other is a great, slightly faded black inlay. So you almost have two watches in one ­čśë

    The quality is great, the look is fine, all that’s missing is the box and papers and yes, there is a little highlight here too. It is a German delivery, sold on May 7, 1983 by authorized dealer Rolex Defter in M├╝lheim (LC 100). A funny anecdote about the papers. These have two cracks that were created when they were clearing out the closet ^^. All the old stuff has been shredded. Thank God it has been discovered that the Rolex papers are worth keeping, otherwise we would be without them today.

    What’s particularly nice about the scope of delivery is the original box with crater outer box and the German GMT-Master booklet.

    The 78360 Oyster bracelet is in beautiful condition with light stretch and minor signs of wear. It wears perfectly on the wrist, has all 12 links and with clasp code I11 for November 1984 it is slightly younger than the watch.

    Conclusion: Great matte German GMT with the right charisma and a great scope of delivery.

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