Selling your watch the right way

I know this is the hardest part for a watch collector.

Before i started thewatchguy in 2018 i was collecting watches for almost two decades. I loved the hunt for something rare and new and couldn’t wait to put it in my collection. Selling something out of my collection was always hard but at the end you sometimes have to sell to get something new.

Knowing your emotions in a sale, we take care of you all the way until the money is in your account. After arriving we give the watch a close inspection and provide you with our evaluation. This includes a full free inspection from our watchmaker. After we agreed on a price we start to take pictures and a nice description. The watch then will be advertised on our website, on instagram (more than 4000 followers) and other platforms for watchlovers.

After the watch is sold, the money is in your account within three working days. We take care of all shippings and we also guarantee that your watch is fully insured in every way, from the day it gets picked up until it arrives at the new owner.

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