About The WatchGuy

Hi, my name is Christoph, and I’m glad you’ve landed on my page.

What is there to say about me in terms of “watch-related” matters?

Watches have been my passion for the past 15 years. I have been an active collector and through this, I have seen great watches, met amazing people and developed a lot of dedication to the world of watches.

After a versatile journey through the working world and numerous positions both domestically and internationally, I have decided to turn my passion into my profession.

Therefore, I don’t see myself as a traditional watch dealer, but rather as a partner when it comes to finding the right product for you, my customer. It doesn’t matter if “your” watch is a brand-new model or a fantastic vintage piece. The price of “your” watch is also not relevant. My goal is to make my customers happy and perhaps even turn them into friends.

Another reason for my job here is that being a watch enthusiast is not always easy. Where there is a lot of money involved (yes, our passion is expensive), there is also a lot of risk. Whether it’s through excellent fakes of well-known current models or the occasional “negative modification” of a vintage piece.

Therefore, I assure you that all of my watches go through a rigorous selection process. Every single watch on my page is 100% authentic and accurately described. Before a watch is listed for sale, it is thoroughly checked for its performance by our watchmaker partners and only then will it be featured on the website.

Now, I hope that “your” watch is also offered on my page, and I look forward to your message.