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    1680/8 Submariner Date (the special one / so rare you didn’t even know this existed ^^)


    Brand: Rolex
    Model: Submariner Date
    Reference: 1680/8
    Year: 1977
    Serial number: 5061XXX
    Material: 18 Karat Gelbold
    bracelet: 18 carat yellow gold
    Diameter: 40 Millimeter
    Condition: very good
    box&papers: no

    Description: GRAIL ALERT. Extremely rare 1680/8 with a matte blue dial. There are exactly three dials of this variant known worldwide!

    We will talk about an absolute highlight of this watch in a bit, but as usual, first some informations about the case.

    The case is very good. Polished perfectly and gently in the past, it shows full lugs, razor-sharp edges and a perfect matte finish on the top of the case. There are minimal signs of wear, but of course no deep scratches, dents or anything like that.

    So far so good, but now to the highlight you’ve been waiting for.

    The dial of this watch is one of my absolute highlights as a vintage Rolex dealer. We removed the dial and movement from the case to be able to show you pictures of this outstanding dial.

    Anyone who deals with the 1680/8 probably thinks to this day that they know all the variants. Blue, black, tropical. Yes, there are always beautiful examples on the market. But this is a MATTE BRIGHT BLUE dial.

    I studied this dial intensively and interviewed numerous colleagues and collectors. In total, exactly THREE pieces of this dial are known worldwide, with this dial being the third example ever found.

    The condition of the dial is magical. Perfect preservation, wonderful clear sunray cut and you can immediately recognize the special and unique coloring, which differs from the known variants from every angle.

    The hands as well as the dial are in perfect condition.

    The yellow gold bezel is well sharp and the inlay is a beautifully aged blue MK3 inlay. By the way, the combination of inlay and dial is perfect here. I don’t know how it could get any better ­čśë

    By the way, we gave the watch an original t19 superdomed from the 5513. This means the beautiful dial is shown off even better. The original cyclop glas is of course part of the scope of delivery.

    The 18 carat Oyster bracelet is good, but certainly not perfect. Nevertheless, it wears well on the wrist and is original to the watch with clasp code C for 1977/78. If you wish, we will look for the perfect bracelet to the watch for you.

    Conclusion: GRAIL GRAIL GRAIL. A watch that I have been hunting for a long time and am finally able to own and offer it to you. If I weren’t poor, it would be on my wrist forever ^^.

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