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    Fifty Fathoms No Radiaton Bundeswehr ( wonderful authentic watch with cool set)


    Brand: Blancpain
    Model: Fifty Fathoms No Radiation BUND
    year: ca. 1961
    serial number: 2081XX
    Material: stainless steel
    strap: Canvas
    Diameter: 41 Millimeter
    condition: very good
    box&papers: no

    Description: Top Blancpain Fifty Fathoms No Radiation BUND, delivered to the german frog men commando forces.

    A lovely watch which i was able to purchase directly from the family of the original owner.

    The case is in top condition. Polished once it shows full lugs and nice edges. There are small signs of wear but overall a very nice and clean case.

    The caseback is also very good. Serial- and Bund numbers are fully readable und luckily there was no demilitarization done as on many of these watches.

    The heart and highlight of the watch is for sure the dial. The very nice No Radiation dial is unique and pops to your eye. It’s in very nice condition with clear lacquer a strong colored No Radiation sign and only in the right lower part of the dial a very small scratch can be spotted (only by loupe).

    Of course the lume on the dial is fully original, in top condition and together with the top handset it shows a beautiful face.

    The bakelit bezel is machting the quality of the watch perfectly. Light signs of wear, strong clear numbers and deep black bakelit are the highlights.

    The familiy of the original owner gifted me two extras to the watch. One very rare frogman batch (sawfish) and a honor booklet for a anniversy of the developing of the german frogman commando.

    Both mega cool and a great addition to the history of the watch.

    Conclusion: The watch is a highlight. One of the very first watches that were developed for diving in great condition and with the Bundeswehr delivery it becomes even more rare.

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