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    1803 Day-Date (super rare RED gold not Rose gold / rivet oyster / claw dial)


    Brand: Rolex
    Model: Day-Date
    Reference: 1803
    year: 1961
    serial number: 680XXX
    material: 18 carat red gold
    bracelet: 18 carat red gold
    diameter: 36 Millimeter
    condition: very good
    box&papers: no

    Extremely rare 1803 Day-Date in RED GOLD with claw dial from my personal collection!

    Yes, you read that right. This really is an extremely rare variant of the Day-Date. In its history, Rolex has mainly produced yellow gold day-dates. Then, followed with a long distance, white gold models, then rose gold models and right at the end, even after the platinum models, the red gold models followed. We’re talking about one percent of all day-dates made in red gold up until the early 2000s!

    How do you recognize red gold? As the name suggests, it is significantly more red than all other alloys. Compared to rose gold, the proportion of copper is significantly higher, but the proportion of silver in the alloy is lower. We tested this watch and the bracelet and came up with the following values:

    74.3 percent yellow gold, 21.2 percent copper and 4.2 percent silver.

    And now the hard facts about this beauty:

    The case is in superb condition. Although it has probably been polished once, I was absolutely thrilled when I held this watch in my hands for the first time. The lugs are full, the case shows wonderful proportions and the edges and matt case finish have been perfectly executed.

    There are few signs of wear but overall a great case (check the pictures ^^)

    I would also like to draw particular attention to the bezel. It is the early day-date variant. This is characterized by finer and narrower serrations and a lower profile. This harmonises perfectly with the case and makes the watch beautiful.

    This watch has a total of three highlights. We have already discussed the alloy. Now to the dial. It is the rare SWISS Only dial variant with the so-called CLAW or claw indices. This dial variant can only be found in early 1803 cases and is characterized by the indices and the great sunray cut finish. Since radium has been used as a light source on the dial and in the hands, these dials are never quite perfect. The radiation simply reacted too strongly with the coating on the dial. The dial installed here shows only slight traces and therefore belongs to the upper category in terms of quality.

    The radium set of hands are original to the watch and dial and also in the very rare Dauphine variant (describes the shape of the hands).

    Finally, the last highlight. This is an equally rare Gay Freres Oyster bracelet, also in red gold. In wonderful condition and super rare, it rounds off the overall picture of the watch perfectly. It is stamped 64 and may have come later to the watch. The alternative is that this watch was with the Rolex AD for a relatively long time and then, at customer request, has been sold with a specially ordered bracelet.

    Conclusion: As a new and even rarer (yes there is ;-)) day-date variant will enrich my collection, this beauty has to go. It hurts so I hope she finds a new owner who loves her as much as I did.


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