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    1680 Submariner Date (unpolished! / MK2 dial with top patina)


    Brand: Rolex
    Modell: Submariner Date
    Reference: 1680
    year: 1978
    serial number: 5716XXX
    Material: stainless steel
    Bracelet: stainless steel
    Diameter: 40 Millimeter
    condition: very good
    box&papers: no

    Unpolished!!! MK2 Submariner Date with great patina. Vintage Heaven

    The case is in unpolished condition. More than three years ago I bought this watch through a Dutch dealer and friend of mine right after his Instagram post and then sold it to a dear customer from Baden-Württemberg. He’s building a house and his wife has hit the extras massively, so the watch collection has suffered a bit (I sympathize with you ;-).

    The case is absolutely unpolished, with a wonderful vintage look. The blood groove on the caseback is completely intact and also has the thickness found on unpolished watches. As the pictures show, the watch has minor signs of wear, but that’s exactly how I would like an unpolished case. Vintage look par excellence, without major scratches, dents or anything like that.

    The MKII dial is in perfect condition and will please its new owner with a wonderful patina. Anyone who has seen the pictures will immediately notice the strong patina and the wonderful waffle print of the lume. Simply cool and super present on the wrist.

    Incidentally, the MKII dial is one of the rarest variants of a 1680 White. It has been installed in a fairly short period of time from 1977 and got replaced by the MKIII dial from the end of 1978/79. The MKII dial is characterized by the fact that the Submariner lettering is slightly wider than the depth rating underneath.

    The hands are original to the watch and dial, in top condition and with a well-matched patina to the dial.

    The bezel is sharp and the great MK3 inlay comes with bold font and cool fading into the blue.

    The glas is also worth mentioning. It is the old glas variant with the narrow chamfer on the glas edge. Why am I mentioning this? Because the service glasses have a much wider edge and that takes away a lot of the watch’s charm. Therefore, with a 1680, the old, also called top hat, glas version is always a bonus.

    Just as the watch, the 93150 Oyster bracelet is top-notch, with a slight stretch and small signs of wear. The clasp code is VD for 1978/79, which means it is the original bracelet to the watch.

    Conclusion: A classic in its purest form. I haven’t had a white, unpolished 1680 for a long time.

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