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    14790TT Royal Oak (super rare tantalum steel version / collectors quality )


    Brand: Audemars Piguet
    Modell: Royal Oak
    Reference: 14790TT
    year: 2004
    Serial number: F834XX-No.03X
    Material: Tantalum/steel
    Bracelet: Tantalum/steel
    diameter: 36 Millimeter
    condition: very good
    box&papers: yes, full set

    Description: Extremely rare 14790TT Royal Oak made of tantalum and steel.

    Extremely rare 14790TT Royal Oak made from tantalum and steel. As an Audemars Piguet fan, this watch and its alloy almost have a mystical aura for me. Audemars Piguet is one of the few watch manufacturers in the world that has historically made watches using the rare metal tantalium. Tantalium is a hard element with the fourth highest melting point (3000 degrees) of all known chemical elements, as well as high hardness (6.5 compared to steel’s 4). Visually, tantalum has a strong dark gray colour and therefore creates a wonderful contrast to the steel used here.

    Why has tantalium been so rarely used for watches? Due to its hardness, it is extremely difficult to work with. This creates higher costs because, according to Audemars Piguet information, for example, machines wear out twice as quickly when watches are made from tantalium.

    Let’s have a closer look at the watch which comes directly from the original Italian owner and is 100% untouched, i.e. unpolished. As the pictures show perfectly, all edges, all shapes are 100% intact and perfect. This is exactly how the watch left the factories in Le Brassus. In the original owner’s collection since 2004 (cool collection that I was able to admire), it has seen some wear and also shows one or two signs of wear on the case (see pictures), but overall it is exactly what the collector is looking for. Untouched ORIGINALITY.

    The bezel is also in exactly the same condition as the case. Untouched ORIGINALITY as one could only wish for.

    The dial represents another special feature of the 14790tt. This has only been offered in two dial variants and neither had a tapestry on the dial. In my opinion, the light gray dial installed here is the perfect combination with the case and makes the different alloys look even better. The condition is perfect because the watch has never been opened.

    The hands as well as the sapphire glas are of course also 100% perfect and untouched.

    The box and papers make an extremely rare and perfect watch even better and so I am pleased that I can offer the watch with the box and papers. The watch has been purchased on December 17, 2004 by the first owner in Bologna from Orologeria Alberto Vannini. By the way, the original owner told me that he traded in a steel/gold Breitling Crosswind. A perfect decision in retrospect 😉

    The integrated Royal Oak bracelet, just as the case, is made of tantalium/steel. Thanks to the hardness of the metal, the stretch is almost non-existent and signs of wear are only superficial. The number of links is particularly important in this volume, because looking for another link is like looking for a needle in a haystack. All 9 removable links are present here, making it a complete bracelet!!!!

    Conclusion: Extremely rare 36mm Royal Oak in unique quality and scope of delivery!

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